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Meal Plans Week of 7-13-14

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Weekly Menu 7-13 - Homemade Dutch Apple PieI’m getting a late start to my menu posting today. Our power was out most of the night. It’s finally back and I’m getting on with my to-dos now.

Last week was insanely busy both at home and with all of our outings. I’m sure this week will be busy as well. But hopefully I don’t push myself too hard. This is the only week I have to go blueberry picking. I’m trying to decide if it fits in our schedule and if I’m physically up for it.

Yesterday was cherry picking day. We got almost  40 lbs. We’ve dealt with about half of them so far. The other half will be today.

I’m still working on stocking my freezer for while I’m in the hospital and after I come home. So I’m basing our meals around what I want in the freezer. It’s hard to do that in combination with preserving fresh produce (hopefully we’ll stock up on blueberries this week and our beans are just getting started!) and making time for baking and new kitchen projects.

Today I am at 34 weeks. Only 39 days to go! That’s not much. I better keep working.

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Here is our menu for the week and all of my extra projects so far. I’ll probably keep adding to the list. What’s on your menu?

Weekly Menu 7-13 - Homemade Dutch Apple Pie 2


L – grill burgers, chips w/ dip, lettuce salads
D – cp ham roast, potatoes, carrots
*make suckers, freeze cherries, make cherry cobbler, make hot fudge

D – cp ham and pea soup, muffins
*freeze muffins, freeze soup, make/freeze granola bars, freeze cherries

D – chicken, broccoli and noodle casserole, fruit
*make/freeze breakfast cookies, freeze casserole

D – (prep ahead) – cp tomato soup, grilled cheese, muffins
*freeze soup, skim cream, make cherry ice cream

D – chicken nuggets with honey mustard, peas, french fries
*make/freeze scones, make chicken broth

D – leftovers
*strain/freeze broth, make chicken broth, make cherry pie

D – grilled salmon, chips w/ dip, grilled zucchini
*strain/freeze broth

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