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Meal Plans Week of 10-5-14

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Allergen-Friendly Weekly Menu 10-5-14 || Homemade Dutch Apple PieWelcome to October! Fall is definitely here…and it’s cold.  Yesterday we were out of town most of the day for my nephew’s birthday party, so I didn’t get much done. I’m already feeling behind and it’s only Sunday morning!

I’m trying to gear up for another busy week. I’m feeling a bit run down from a week long cold plus not much sleep. I can tell that mama is the one with the most run down immune system right now as I’m the only one in the family that got this cold. That means I’m loading up on broth, gelatin and elderberry syrup every day. Pregnancy, surgery, breastfeeding and little sleep aren’t really conducive to a fully healthy body. So  I have to do what I can to support my immune system right now.

I’m also doing what I can to support my little one’s immune system. Which, unfortunately, means I am now totally dairy free.  I have no idea if this will just be for a few months or if it will be until I’m done breastfeeding (which could be the next two years). I can already see the improvement in her. So it’s worth it. But it sure will be hard. And it will be one more thing my body is lacking. I normally eat a lot of dairy. I’m just praying that she does not have a dairy allergy. One child with lots of food allergies is plenty.

In addition to the dairy I have to cut out all gassy vegetables and chocolate. I’m trying to tell myself that this is just temporary for me so I don’t feel so restricted and deprived. I know I’ll get to eat ice cream and chocolate again some day. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

My son has his next allergy test in November. So I’m really trying to get him to eat lots of healing foods too and praying his test shows lots of improvement. 

My little one’s baptism is coming up in a few weeks. So I’m working on planning the menu for our celebration. Hopefully I can finalize that this week so I can start to prep any baked goods in advance.

Other than that we’ve got plenty to do with Kindermusik, dance, grocery shopping, milk pick up, chiropractor, doctor and my mom’s group steering team meeting. I would like to get to the orchard this weekend too. I’m ready to start freezing squash and canning applesauce.

I’m trying to keep the menu simple this week with so much stuff going on. I have a few extra kitchen projects planned as well. Now that I am dairy free we are not using our three gallons of milk a week. So we have a ton left. Today I need to make something to use it up. I might do pudding or cheese or yogurt or all three! I would also like to start making and canning spaghetti sauce. But I’m thinking I won’t have time now. It might have to wait a week or two. If we do get to the orchard then I’ll start on applesauce and squash this weekend.

In case you missed it, last week I posted a recipe for double raspberry chocolate chip muffins and my 2014 goals update.

Here’s what’s on our menu for this week. What are you eating?
MENU Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

L – beef and bean enchilada bake (skillet version with cheese on the side), fruit
D – misc./leftovers
*make ___ with milk – pudding, yogurt, cheese, cream soup?, make/can spaghetti sauce?

D – spaghetti, squash, garlic bread
*make gf bread, make granola, bake squash

D – (prep ahead) – cp chicken legs, potatoes, broccoli

D – (prep ahead) – split pea soup, bread

D – cp roast beef, sweet potatoes, carrots

D – french toast muffins, bacon, beans
*bake muffins

D – salmon cakes
*make applesauce?, make pear crisp, bake/freeze squash?

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