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Meal Plans Week Of 10-19-14

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Allergen-Friendly Weekly Menu 10-19-14 || Homemade Dutch Apple PieGood morning. Are you ready for another week to begin? We’ve got another busy week ahead with doctor appointments and errands and preparing for house guests and a baptism party! Plus we’re still trying to get the germs our of the house and get my little guy back to full health.

Over the weekend we did some major cleaning around the house. We are trying to get things back in order for when everyone comes this weekend. I still have a little more cleaning to go this week.

I also have plenty of cooking and baking to do. So I’ll be busy in the kitchen. I need to make some kind of gf/df dessert. My son requested cookies, so maybe I’ll make a batch of my perfect gluten free dairy free chocolate chip cookies.

My son starts working with a speech therapist this week. Unlike my daughter who goes for allergies and eating issues, he is actually going to work on speech.Meal Plans Week of 10-19-14 || Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

My little one has been doing very well this week – even sleeping quite well! I haven’t been eating any problem foods lately and it shows. I’m still not sure if beef is a problem. I avoided it all last week. So this week I will experiment with it. I’m also still not sure about chocolate. I had a tiny bit yesterday in some chocolate chip muffins and she seemed to do ok. So that will be something to experiment with in the future.

I’m still doing my best to keep my body healthy, starting every day with a big mug of broth and coconut oil. I walk on the treadmill every day to keep my body moving gently. And I try to take naps some days to give my body a little extra rest. My body temperature has been dropping a bit. I expect that with an infant. But I want to stay on top of it.

Last week I posted a giveaway for Earthpaste. Be sure to enter if you haven’t yet!

 Here is our menu for the week. Many of our meals are prep work for our baptism party on Sunday. I’m making soup, salad and bread. So this week I’m making lots of broth! What’s on your menu this week?

MENU Homemade Dutch Apple Pie
L – grilled hot dogs, french fries, broccoli
D – “favorite casserole”, strawberry smoothies
*bake dessert for party

D – pumpkin pasta, corn, applesauce
*bake/freeze pumpkin

D (prep ahead) – cp beef roast, sweet potatoes, carrots
*make broth, make df pudding

D (prep ahead) – beef stew
*strain/freeze broth, make gf bread

D – cp roast chicken, squash, seasoned rice
*roast squash, make broth, clean

D – tacos, beans, applesauce
*strain/freeze broth, clean, make df crackers

B – yogurt, granola, banana bread, fruit
L – chili, crackers w/ cheese and sausage
D – pretzel crusted chicken, broccoli, roasted potatoes
*clean, prep party food

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