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Strawberry Apple Salad

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Strawberry apple salad is a simple way to add a burst of strawberry flavor to your summer meal.Strawberry Apple Salad | Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

I am a planner.  I always make meal plans for the week (I’ve been posting them for several years if you need inspiration!). It’s usually not too difficult to come up with main dishes.

But side dishes…

I struggle there. It usually ends up being the same boring sides week after week. Broccoli, beans, applesauce…

If you’re tired of boring sides you’re in luck.  Today I’ve got a bright, fun, easy side dish that is perfect for any week night meal. It can also be doubled or tripled and served at your next picnic or potluck.

There is no cooking or baking required. Just some chopping and mixing.

Strawberry apple salad features one of summer’s gems – fresh strawberries.  It is naturally very allergen friendly and low in sugar. It puts a fun summer spin on the year round staple of apples.

If you’re like me and don’t need much sweetness to feel like you’re having a treat, strawberry apple salad could even be used as dessert. Top it with a sprinkle of granola or crispy walnuts. Dessert is ready!Strawberry Apple Salad | Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

One of the things I love about this salad is that you can prepare it in advance.  The longer you let it sit the better! The apples will just absorb more and more of the strawberry flavor.

I like to let my kids help make this strawberry apple salad.  Even the young ones can get involved. I peel and core the apples. Then they use a dull knife to cut the apples into chunks. After I blend the strawberry dressing they can pour it on the apples and mix.

Of course if your child helps make the salad you have to let them be a taste tester.  That is the most important job! My kids sure loved sampling strawberry apple salad.

Strawberry apple salad is the perfect park snack.

Fill half pint mason jars with the salad and put a lid on. Grab a spoon and you’re all set. No need to worry about messy hands since you eat it with a spoon.

Whether it is strawberry season or not you can make strawberry apple salad. Frozen strawberries work too!  No apples on hand? No problem. Swap pears, peaches or plums. It’ll still taste great.

Put strawberry apple salad on your menu this week. I bet your kids will love it as much as mine do!Strawberry Apple Salad | Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

Strawberry Apple Salad
Serves 4
A simple summer salad that turns ordinary apples into a fun strawberry treat.
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  1. 1/4 plain whole milk yogurt
  2. 1 cup strawberries (fresh or frozen, thawed)
  3. 2 Tbsp. honey
  4. 5-6 medium apples, peeled, cored and cut into bite size pieces
  5. optional - 1 tsp. poppy seeds
  1. Puree the yogurt, strawberries and honey in a blender.
  2. Pour the mixture into a medium size bowl. Add poppy seeds if desired.
  3. Add the apples to the bowl and toss to coat.
  4. Chill for at least 2 hours before serving.
  1. This can be made a day ahead.
  2. Top the salad with granola or crispy nuts if desired.
  3. Fill half pint mason jars with the salad to take it on the go.
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