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Allergen Friendly Meal Plan Week of 6-28-15

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This week’s allergen friendly meal plan is all about family favorites and enjoying fresh summer produce. Plus we’re focusing on much needed rest and splurging with one meal out!

Allergen Friendly Meal Plan | Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

Happy 4th of July week!  It’s crazy that we’re heading into July already. Father’s Day was just a week ago and now we’re thinking about the holiday. It seems like summer break just started.

Last week was chaotically busy and stressful with allergy issues, doctor’s appointments, errands and a to-do list a mile long of things that really had to be done.

So this week I’m giving myself a break.

It is inevitable that I will come up with plenty of stuff to do throughout the week. But I’m not scheduling anything to start off. Maybe I can even squeeze in a few naps.

I’ve known for a very long time how important sleep is.  I even explain to my kids that they need lots of sleep so their bodies can heal/repair while they rest. And it’s the area I struggle with the most.  But lately I’ve been reading more and more and more about the importance of sleep. Maybe I should really take it to heart. So I’m hoping to play catch up this week.

Since my mineral analysis I’ve been getting some supplements to try to replenish my body.

But my healing protocol has not been going well.

I started a new multi-vitamin (made specifically for slow oxidizers like me). After a few days of taking it…and a very fussy baby…I realized the vitamin A in it is from PALMitate.  No good with a palm allergy.

I had to cancel my order for a vitamin A supplement because that too is from palmitate.

Then I started a new probiotic and a different brand of HCL. I was left with a screaming baby that wouldn’t nurse.  I have yet to figure out which one caused the problem. But I’m giving it a week or so to try either of them again.

Then I bought a box of cereal for my oldest as a special treat. We only eat boxed cereal about once a year. It only has four ingredients and is made with rice. So I figured she and I could both eat. After munching on it during the day I re-read the label…and realized it too contains vitamin A from palmitate.  And we’re back to fussy baby that is in pain, has a swollen tongue, can’t eat and doesn’t sleep well. Three times in one week! My poor baby girl. I had to take a lot of activated charcoal this week to help ease things.

So I’m pretty much back where I started…taking nothing.

In a week or two I’ll try the probiotic again at a very very low dose and see what happens. And I’m going to try adding more liver to my diet to get vitamin A. Then after a bit I’ll try the HCL again.Allergen Friendly Meal Plan |  Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

As you can see we all need some rest, stress reduction and healing foods in our allergen friendly meal plan for this week.

I’m planning on lots of broth and vegetables.

Last week I posted recipes for strawberry lemon jello salad (if you haven’t made it yet you should!!) and strawberry apple salad.  Plus I shared my latest ecocentric mom box review. Check it out!

If you are looking for 4th of July recipes look under my holiday recipes. I’ve got some fun ones like red, white and blue swirl ice cream and red, white and blue parfaits.  Plus cherry season is starting. Check out the cherry recipes like cherry pie, cherry cobbler and double cherry ice cream.

Finally on to the menu. Here is the allergen friendly meal plan for this week. Lots of family favorites (very kid friendly!) and in-season produce are on the menu.  What are you eating this week? Is it a busy week or do you have time to catch up on sleep? Happy 4th of July!
Homemade Dutch Apple Pie Menu Sunday
B – ham and cheese egg bake, toast w/ strawberry jam
L – pumpkin, hot dog and white bean soup, blueberry muffins
D – grilled cheese, french fries, applesauce, cauliflower

B – smoothies, muffins
L – chicken sandwiches, carrot sticks, grapes
D – stuffed peppers and stuffed zucchini, seasoned rice, broccoli, squash

B – cherry yogurt, granola
L – salmon salad, crackers, avocado, pears
D – pork meatballs, baked potatoes, peas

B – cereal, fruit
L – homemade Lunchables®, strawberry cherry jello, olives
D – out to eat

B – breakfast cake, cheese, fruit
D – grilled burgers, cheesy potatoes, broccoli

B – pancakes
D – chicken nuggets with honey mustard, squash, lettuce salad

B – apple pie breakfast parfait
D – pork roast, rice, beans

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