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Stuffy Noses, Tangled Hair and Allergies: A Natural Remedies Review

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When the cold or flu hits, when allergies flare or when kids can’t settle down don’t reach for a pill. Instead try some simple natural remedies.

Natural Remedies Review | Just Take A Bite

When it comes to natural remedies I am definitely a novice.

I know food backwards and forwards. But herbs, oils and spices? Salves and tinctures? Come again?

Keep it simple.

You can imagine my delight when I flipped through Natural Remedies for Kids and saw just how easy it is to make so many natural treatments at home!

And I really do mean easy. Because if they weren’t I would have just put the book back down.

Natural Remedies is so easy to follow and find what you need. The advice is practical and straight forward.

Easy tips.

There are common sense tips like braiding long hair to keep it from getting tangled at night. Yes, I used that one immediately on my daughter! Then there is no need for any detangler (though if you need one there is a recipe for it).

Natural Remedies Review | Just Take A Bite

Allergy treatments.

I have talked a lot about my daughter’s environmental allergies and struggles with clogged sinuses. Natural Remedies has an easy recipe for allergy syrup that is on my to-do list.

In the mean time we’re trying nettle tea. I had no idea it was so good for allergies.

There is really some kind of remedy for just about every common concern. It includes respiratory ailments, colds, flu, skin and hair issues, bumps and bruises and even emotional problems (like hyperactivity and anxiety).

Natural Remedies Review | Just Take A Bite

Start small.

I am slowly building my supply for my natural medicine cabinet, starting with some of the more common and cheaper ingredients (like turmeric and nettle leaf). I will gradually add on as I become more familiar with and more comfortable with natural remedies.

One of the things that I love so much about finally going down this path (aside from the fact that it was one of my goals for this year that had been going by the wayside) is that I can make things that are safe for my youngest. Pretty much all OTC medications (both conventional and natural/homeopathic) contain some form of palm or coconut.

Natural Remedies Review | Just Take A Bite

Save money.

You can still get Natural Remedies for Kids at a discount price right now. I’d snatch it up! This will be my go-to resource this winter.

And if you have a child like mine that is a sponge and loves to read anything and everything let them take a look and learn right along with you!

Natural Remedies for Kids is a resource that will benefit the entire family and help promote a natural lifestyle and overall health. If you are new to natural remedies or just looking to expand your knowledge this book is for you.

Natural Remedies Review | Just Take A Bite

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