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Why I Secretly Love Our Food Allergies

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Just hearing the term food allergies stirs up negative thoughts. But did you know they are not all bad? In fact, I kind of like them.

Why I Secretly Love Our Food Allergies | Just Take A Bite

I’m not gonna lie. Having (multiple) kids with (different and even severe) food allergies is not easy. In fact, many days it is down right hard.

I can’t cook one meal for the whole family. I can’t just order pizza when I’m sick and have no energy to cook. At the moment I can’t even eat at a restaurant. If you have a child with food allergies I’m sure you know the list of “can’t” could go on and on.


I secretly love our food allergies.

Yes, you heard that right. I love them.

There really are some hidden blessings when it comes to food allergies. And although I do hope for full healing for my children some day. There is a part of me (maybe the part that wants to have control!) that hopes it doesn’t happen too soon.

Even in light of my son’s severe nut and dairy allergy diagnosis last week I still have some good things to say.

I’m letting you in on my seven little secrets about the blessings of food allergies. After reading them you may want to go get your child tested. An allergy diagnosis can have its perks. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Why I Secretly Love Our Food Allergies | Just Take A Bite

  1. Easily say no to junk food.

Allergies make food choices for you, often for the better. My son is allergic to corn (probably my favorite allergy!). That means NOTHING with high fructose corn syrup or cornstarch. Saying no to junk food is a no brainer there.

Does your child have a wheat allergy? It’s easy to pass on the Goldfish® the other kids are eating.

Of course there are alternatives these days. And there is plenty of junk food that is egg free, dairy free, gluten free, etc. But it is much easier to pass on the junk when you are avoiding allergens.

Want to hear my other six benefits of food allergies?

Head over to Kitchen Stewardship where I’m sharing the bright side of allergies.

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