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Gluten Free Pretzel Sticks (gluten free, egg free, dairy free, nut free, corn free)

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My daughter loves salt, as do I 🙂  So she enjoys munching on pretzels. But if you’ve ever looked at a package of gluten free pretzels you’ll know that they are made with quite a few odd and unhealthy ingredients. I’d rather not have her eating them.

As usual, my solution is to make my own 🙂  I can’t say these are a perfect replica of pretzel sticks. They are a little harder/crunchier than any you’d buy. But they still taste great! If my daughter will eat them, I figure they are pretty good. And she had some as soon as she got up this morning 🙂

One more snack that travels well and I’m ok with my kids eating.

What is your favorite snack? Do you like salty or sweet?

Gluten Free Pretzel Sticks

1/2 cup flour (2/3 white rice, 1/3 amaranth)
1/4 tsp. sea salt
1 tsp. organic cane sugar
3 Tbsp. water

1 Tbsp. water + 1 tsp. honey

Heat oven to 350. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Mix the flour, salt, sugar and water.

Take a small piece of dough and form into a ball (about the size of a small bouncy ball). Roll into a stick on the parchment paper. Repeat process until all of the dough is used, lining up the pretzels on the baking sheet.

Mix the water and honey. Use your finger to rub it over the pretzels, rolling them around to coat completely.

Sprinkle sea salt over top of pretzels.

Bake 40 – 45 minutes, until golden and crunchy. Rotate pretzels on the pan a few times during baking. Let cool completely.


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