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Allergen Friendly Meal Plans Week of 3-15-15

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Homemade Dutch Apple Pie Weekly MenuGood morning! I hope you enjoyed Pi Day yesterday. I certainly did since I spent it celebrating my birthday with my family. My husband and kids spoiled me and even made a delicious dinner.

This week we have plenty that could be happening. But it is all contingent on how my little one is doing.  She has her lip and tongue tie revision on Monday.  We are praying for quick healing and that feeding, etc. go smoothly shortly after. But we may be cancelling some plans if she needs extra time at home. Yesterday was another rough day for her. So we are very anxious to get this taken care of.

I do need to get groceries at some point this week. Our refrigerator is pretty bare. A visit to the chiropractor is a possibility as well.Birthday

I also did not plan a lot of kitchen projects this week just in case. If time and little one allow I can add things in.  But for now I’m hoping to make gluten free bread (it’s rising right now!), sourdough bread, water kefir and possibly graham crackers and “Wheat Thin” crackers.

I got a bunch of candy molds, ice pop molds and a second donut pan for my birthday. So I’m anxious to use all of them! Maybe next week. I will for sure be using the candy molds in a few weeks to make cake decorations for my daughter’s birthday.

Last week I posted some really fun and delicious recipes – quinoa bars, crackers and vanilla cake! I’ve got more great recipes coming this week. Depending on how my baking goes today I might have a really special recipe for you tomorrow!

Here is what’s on our menu this week. I planned a lot of easy meals so I can give my little one the attention she needs. What’s on your menu? 

Homemade Dutch Apple Pie Menu

B – egg casserole, blueberry buckle
L – hot dogs, chips, beans
D – cp ham, scalloped potatoes, carrots
*make gf bread, soak flour for graham crackers or crackers?, make water kefir

B – breakfast cookies, yogurt
D (easy/prep ahead) – cp meatballs, roasted potatoes, broccoli
*make graham crackers or crackers?

B – baked oatmeal
D (prep ahead) – cp pork chops, TBD
*feed sd, boil eggs

B – hard boiled eggs, toast
D (prep ahead)  split pea soup w/ ham, sourdough bread w/ cherry jam
*make sd bread

B – yogurt, granola, fruit
D – chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries, peas
*soak flour for pancakes

B – english muffin w/ pb and honey, fruit
D – pancakes, bacon, roasted cabbage, fruit salad
*make pancakes (make extra for Saturday’s dinner)

B – Kids’ choice
D – sloppy joes on pancake buns, squash, french fries
*make kids’ choice breakfast

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