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Meal Plans Week of 1-4-15

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Allergen-Friendly Weekly Menu || Homemade Dutch Apple PieWelcome to the New Year! It doesn’t feel like it’s 2015 yet. Maybe that’s because I went to bed around 9:30 on NYE and have yet to watch my recording of the ball dropping!

I also feel like I hardly know what day it is since we’ve been home all day for several days now trying to get over some sickness.  So every day feels like Saturday. It’s kind of like Ground Hog’s Day…the same day over and over again.

But now it’s time to get back to our normal routines. We’re all ready for a schedule again, but it will still be tough to get my big girl out the door on time tomorrow.

I can’t say I’m looking forward to the busyness of the week ahead with grocery shopping, dance, speech therapy and our mom’s group meeting.

I’ll be busy in the kitchen as usual. I’m trying to work ahead on my writing, so I’m working on some special Valentine’s Day treats right now!  It’s not the best timing since I really want to cut back on sweets, especially for the kids. Once I’m done with these few projects I can really cut back. I also have to bring some baked goods for our meeting on Friday.Menu || Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

I have finally started eating liver daily in an attempt to get my nutrient stores up.  I hope I can notice a difference fairly quickly. I also got my thyroid and vitamin D checked last week. My thyroid levels are perfect (always good to hear). Vitamin D has dropped quite a bit. I ran out of my supplement a while ago, so I need to get more.

We’re still working on food introduction for my son. Things were going very well. Last week we introduced rice. We might have to cut that back out for a bit. The last couple nights he’s had a hard time going to sleep again and he has eczema all over his bottom.  I had hoped to try avocado this week, but I might just take out rice and give his body a week to get back on track before trying anything new. And I may have to change some of my meal plans.

Last week I shared some delicious recipes for dairy free pumpkin pie ice cream and sweet and sour stir fry soup. Check them out!

Be sure to check back tomorrow. I’m sharing my goals for the year. I’ve got a lot to share!

Also, the Unconventional Weight Loss Convention starts today!  If one of your goals is to improve your health and in turn improve the shape of your body this is for you. It’s free, so sign up today!

Here is our menu for the week. It’s back to packing lunches and planning for leftovers. What’s on your menu this week?MENU Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

L – cp meatloaf, baked potatoes, carrots
D – hot dogs/brats, french fries, broccoli
*make cm ice cream, soak oats for oatmeal, soak flour for cupcakes, sprout beans

D (prep ahead) – cp chili, garlic bread
*make oatmeal, make cupcakes, make cm ice cream, soak oats

D – hot taco rice, beans
*soak flour for muffins, dry oats, soak beans

D (prep ahead) – black eyed pea soup, savory muffins
*make granola bars, make muffins, sprout beans

D – chicken and rice casserole???, peas
*bake bread/muffins for MB

D – bacon and spinach egg muffins, toast, squash, fruit
*clean, prep fruit

D – bacon and ground beef pizza
*make pizza crust, make pizza sauce

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