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Allergen Friendly Meal Plans Week of 2-8-15

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Homemade Dutch Apple Pie Weekly MenuWow, I think I blinked and the first week of February was over.  Now it’s time to start a new week…and it will be just as busy as the last.

This week we have a speech therapy appointment, music, dance, chiropractor and swimming lessons. My bulk order of grains has come in so I need to get to the health food store. We have our mom’s group. It’s a speaker day, which means I’ve got work to do. We are also going to a basketball game and having my whole family over for dinner.

Of course with a busy week I like to plan way too much to do at home.  For now my kitchen plans include soaked gf noodles, soaked gf graham crackers, soaked gf crackers, oat milk, sourdugh english muffins, soaked gf bread, soaked gf sweet bread, water kefir and some kind of dessert for our family gathering. Plus cleaning the house.

Last week my little one had two shots. Thankfully she was only fussy for one day. Now she’s back to her happy self. So far I’m still doing daily broth plus probiotics. It won’t be long before we start some solids.Menu | Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

My son seems to be getting mostly back to normal. It’s been wonderful to have him sleeping well and being able to do his school work again. Though his skin is still a bit splotchy. I haven’t decided yet what I want to introduce next. Maybe nuts. But I’ll wait another week.

We had a consult for my oldest last week with a new dentist. We are going to start some orthodontic work with her so that she starts breathing better and getting quality sleep. It’s disheartening to see her grinding her teeth, snoring and flopping all over her bed in the night. So we are all very excited about this!

If you are still looking for a special Valentine’s Day treat be sure to check out last week’s posts for lemon cupcakes with strawberry buttercream, maple candy and neapolitan ice cream cake.

Tomorrow I’m talking grains – the hows and whys. Then I’ll be sharing some basic recipes on properly prepared grains. You don’t want to miss it! This is such an important factor in your health…one that I let slide and now I’m paying for with major nutrient deficiencies and cavities.

Here is our menu for the week. I let each child choose one meal this week. Oddly enough they each chose a soup! What’s on your menu this week? 

Homemade Dutch Apple Pie Menu

B – yogurt, granola bar, banana
L – steak, baked potatoes, broccoli
D – hot dogs, chips and crackers w/ salsa, veggies w/ dip
*make oat milk, soak flour for graham crackers, make gf crackers

B – english muffin w/ pb, clementine
D – tacos, fruit
*make graham crackers, boil eggs

B – hard boiled egg, toast, fruit
D (prep ahead) – ham, roasted potatoes, maple glazed carrots
*soak flour for gf bread

B – yogurt and fruit parfaits
D (prep ahead) – split pea soup w/ ham, soaked gf bread
*soak flour for sweet bread, soak flour for noodles, make gf bread

B – scones, fruit
D – chicken noodle soup, sweet bread
*feed sourdough starter, make sweet bread, make noodles

B – yogurt, granola bar, fruit
D – sourdough english muffins, ham and broccoli quiche, fruit salad
*clean, prep food

B – sd english muffins w/ pb and jam, fruit
D (family party) – roasted veggies, meatballs, dessert (family bringing the rest)
*clean, make dessert, prep dinner, soak oats for granola


  1. Sara says:

    You’ll have to share what you’re doing orthodontic wise, I’d be curious to hear. Also, fwiw, I grind and clench my teeth terribly at night… Always have since I was little. And I also move around a lot when I sleep while I’m grinding and clenching. I’ve had enormous success with using Peace & Calming and Valor, just rubbing a drop of each on my jawline before bed. I don’t grind and clench those nights and wake up actually feeling refreshed because I’m not tossing around all night. It might be something you want to try.

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