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Allergen Friendly Meal Plans Week of 6-7-15

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This week’s allergen friendly meal plans and updates are all about kicking off summer break and keeping things simple.

Allergen Friendly Meal Plans | Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

School is out for summer!  It’s time to kick off a new season. You’d think we’d take a week to just lounge and have fun. Instead cheerleading camp starts Monday morning for my oldest. In fact we have a pretty busy week with orthodontist, farmer’s market, library, groceries and my mom visiting. I don’t have any intentions to keep our whole summer this busy.

Last week our big event was trying dairy.  I tried about a teaspoon of ghee one day. Then I gave about a half teaspoon of ghee to my little one the next day. Unfortunately it did not go well. It seems she is still extremely sensitive to even tiny amounts of any kind of dairy.  So we’ll stick to dairy free for now. Maybe in a few months we’ll try again.

In other health news I had my hair tissue mineral analysis consult.  It was so fascinating to read through all of the information and talk about what everything means. Now I need to re-read everything and get a few supplements to get started building up my mineral stores and improving digestion. I will be doing a post on HTMA once I get a little farther along in my healing. I have a lot to share already!

The other thing we’ve been experimenting with lately is sugar intake for my son. He tends to get hyper very easily. So I’ve been really limiting his sweets. The last couple days I have noticed a decrease in his meltdowns and hyperactivity. So I’m planning to keep this up.

Johanna 4

In the kitchen this week I have a few projects – homemade Mircale Whip, crackers, sourdough bread, muffins and breakfast cookies.  I’m also trying to figure out non-sweet snacks for my son. Fruit is such an easy option, but even too much of that isn’t good.

I have a LOT of writing to catch up on this week. My little one has been getting up at 5 am every day lately. So I may have to start doing some evening writing. I’ve got so many great recipes to share with you!!

I’m also plugging along with some deep cleaning in the house to get rid of some of the dust. I’ll keep at it this week.

Did you miss last week’s posts? I shared a recipe for cherry rhubarb jello and a cow spotted birthday cake. I also shared a recipe for pizza crackers at Super Healthy Kids. I’ve got a few more great recipes coming this week!

Since we have a busy week I’m keeping meals simple. I also have to work on making larger quantities…my little one sure can eat already!

One of our meals will be used as my big girl’s start to reaching one of her goals this summer – learning how to make pancakes by herself.  We’ll start with me demonstrating/her watching. Then the next time she gets to help out. Then she starts to try it on her own.

What’s on your menu this week? Any fun summer plans starting? Homemade Dutch Apple Pie Menu Sunday
B – yogurt, granola
L – grilled hamburgers, grilled asparagus, pear jello
D – leftover pizza, leftover roasted cabbage
*grind flour, soak flour for crackers

B – oat cups
D – pan seared salmon, roasted cauliflower, french fries
*soak flour for muffins, make crackers, make mayo

B – Russian custard, blueberries
D (prep ahead) – cp roast chicken legs, potatoes, carrots
*bake muffins, soak flour for pancakes

B – muffins, yogurt
D – pancakes, sausage, beans, fruit
*make sd bread

B – granola w/ milk, fruit
D – chicken nuggets w/ honey mustard, peas, sweet potato fries

B – yogurt, fruit
D – hot dogs, broccoli, sweet potato fries
*feed sd for breakfast cookies

B – sd breakfast cookies, cheese
D – scrambled eggs, toast, squash

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