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Meal Plans Week of 6-8-14

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Good morning! It’s summer break. I officially have a first grader! I’m happy to be done with all of our usual activities and be able to relax. I’m also looking forward to spending lots of extra time with my little girl before she’s in school all day in the fall.

This week we’ll keep busy with some errands and my daughter’s first camp of the summer. I also have another check-up. It’s always fun to see how big the baby is getting.

I have quite a bit planned for my kitchen work this week. Hopefully my legs will hold up. The swelling has been pretty bad again the last couple days. I’ll be making several Father’s Day treats this week. I also want to make ice cream and some snacks for the kids.

I think I can finally say I’m done with my whole house makeover. I have cleaned just about every room in the house very thoroughly. It’s not perfect. There is always more that could be done. But I’m satisfied with what I accomplished. I’ll be sharing some photos soon!

A before photo of my desk!
A before photo of my desk!

Also on my agenda for the next few weeks is planning meals/snacks for when I’m at the hospital and after I come home. Soon I’ll be working on stocking my freezer with meals. I’m sure we will get some meals after the baby is born. But with all of our food allergies and intolerances usually my husband is the only one that can eat what people bring. So I have to set up my own meals.

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Here is our menu and agenda for the week. What are you eating?



S (church, make cheesecake)
L – cp honey mustard chicken over rice
D – grilled steak, beans, mashed potatoes

M (cheer, shopping, make gummies)
D – modified beefy enchilada bake, corn, fruit

T (cheer, farmer’s market, make crackers)
D – gf df pancake and sausage muffins, sauteed zucchini, fruit

W (cheer, Dr. E., skim cream, make ice cream)
D – salmon cakes, broccoli, french fries

Th (cheer, groceries, make muffins)
D – cp split pea soup with ham, muffins

F (cheer, make chocolates, make scones)
D – scrambled eggs, scones, peas, fruit

S (open house, guests)
D – at parties

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