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Allergen Friendly Meal Plan Week of 9/6/15

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This week’s allergen friendly meal plan is all about getting back into routines, starting fall activities and keeping the busyness to a minimum.

Allergen Friendly Meal Plan | Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

Welcome to September! It’s time for school and fall activities.

Are you ready?

I think I am. But I still have the first day of school nerves just like I did as a child. I’m excited to see friends and do fun things as we get back to school, Kindermusik, dance and mom’s group. But I will sure miss our lazy summer days.

This week we hit the ground running with Kindermusik, school and dance all starting on Tuesday. I better make sure we’re all in bed on time Monday night!

Next week we add in piano lessons and preschool.

Health news.

One of my fears about school starting is illness…and we already had one sick kid over the weekend…before school! My son just had a low fever. Thankfully he fought it off pretty quickly.

We did some thorough cleaning last week in my daughter’s room. Plus I’ve been diffusing every night in her room. She has been breathing better and sleeping better. She does not wake up sneezing her head off anymore. That is so exciting!

I am still experimenting with her diet as well. For this week I’m cutting out chicken and eggs. When she was tested for allergies a couple years ago chicken showed up. But I didn’t do anything about it. And she has always had a hard time eating eggs. So we’ll see if there is any noticeable difference.

My little one had a rough week of sleeping last week. So for the last couple days she has skipped her morning nap. We’ll see if this is a permanent thing or not. If so it is perfect timing as we have morning activities a few times a week now.

Allergen Friendly Meal Plan | Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

In the kitchen.

I’m doing my best to keep up with produce preservation. I froze corn last week. I think my only freezing left to do is squash and pumpkin. Now it’s time for more canning. I might try to do pears this week.

I’m trying to keep my kitchen projects to a minimum. I want to focus on adjusting to new routines and not letting each day get stressed and chaotic. So here is what I’m planning:

If you’re looking for some fun recipes to try for the kids check out last week’s posts:

If you’re still seeing peaches make sure to can some the easy way to stock your pantry.

This week I’ve got a couple great fall recipes that are perfect for any week night and great for packing in lunches. I’ll be taking the holiday off so check back on Tuesday to see new recipes!

There is still one more day to take advantage of the Kitchen Stewardship Lunch Box Book sale. But it ends Monday!

I’ve got a simple to-do list and simple meals this week. Here is my allergen friendly meal plan without eggs (except for some of my meals) or chicken!

But there will still be plenty of good stuff. What is on your menu this week?

Allergen Friendly Meal Plan | Homemade Dutch Apple Pie
B – yogurt, granola, fruit | salted caramel custard w/ pumpkin and sourdough cereal
L – pumpkin and sausage pasta, garlic bread, broccoli
D – pan fried cod w/ garlic dill sour cream, french fries, beans
*soak flour for breakfast cookies

B – apple slices w/ pumpkin dip, granola bars | broth w/ cod, beans, sd bread
L – grilled cheese, pepper slices and chips w/ dip | tuna, beans
D (grill) – grilled pork chops, grilled zucchini, rice
*bake breakfast cookies, make gummies

B – ef breakfast cookies, gummies | broth w/ squash and peas, breakfast cookie
L – crackers w/ cheese, olives, avocado, graham crackers
D (prep ahead) – cp meatloaf, baked potatoes, carrots | meatloaf, squash, peas
*sprout beans

B – granola w/ milk, fruit | sd bread w/ avocado
L – sunbutter sandwich, beets, gummies
D – crockpot pork and beans (w/ bacon), buttered noodles | scrambled egg yolk, pumpkin, peas
*make sd bread, soak quinoa

B – cereal, fruit | beets, cheese | salted caramel custard w/ pumpkin and sourdough cereal
L – pork and beans, crackers, pear slices
D – sweet and sour beef stir fry over quinoa
*soak flour for pancakes, can pears?

B – yogurt, granola bars | leftover stir fry
L – graham cracker, cheese, cauliflower w/ evoo and salt, 
D – gf ef pancakes w/ blueberry topping, bacon, roasted cauliflower and cabbage | broth w/ spinach, peas
*make salad dressing

B – pancakes, bacon | broth w/ squash, spinach
L (guests) – grilled burgers and hot dogs, lettuce salad, fruit salad, chips, broccoli
D – pan seared salmon, fried potatoes, beans

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