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Allergen Friendly Meal Plan Week of 9/27/15

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This week’s allergen friendly meal plan and agenda is about transitioning to fall, preservation and staying healthy.

Allergen Friendly Meal Plan | Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

Here we are closing out the month of September already. It’s starting to feel like fall, though the weather sure has been warm!

There are apples, pears, pumpkins and squash everywhere. I love it. But it also means lots of canning and freezing.

What we’re doing.

Last week I worked my way through a half bushel of pears in one day! We also got to visit my grandpa’s farm, do some house hunting of our own and spend time with family.

This week most of my time will be spent coming and going as we have activities almost every morning, afternoon and some evenings.

Allergen Friendly Meal Plan| Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

How we’re feeling.

Overall we’re all doing pretty well health-wise. I’m still working on the fine details of diet for each child.

My oldest has been chicken free for three weeks now. I am going to do it a least one more week. I think I’ll take eggs back out this week to verify whether or not they are a problem.

My son had a bit of a rough week last week. I think it was due to nuts. So I’ll keep those out for a bit again.

I made a pretty big discovery in relation to my little one’s health last week. I hope to share more about that in a separate post at some point.

I am still working on gradually increasing my probiotic and making sure I get liver into my diet a few times a week. I actually had a few days last week where I felt really good and saw an improvement in my skin and hair. It is very exciting to see glimpses of change!

Allergen Friendly Meal Plan| Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

What I’m making.

I didn’t put too many kitchen projects on my list this week since I won’t have much time. Here is what I do have planned:

Last week I shared a delicious veggie-filled cookie and recipes for homemade grape juice and grape jelly. This week I’ve got a simple pumpkin treat that I’m sharing at Super Healthy Kids, plus a cereal recipe and book review.

I am still working on the blog updates. It’s turning out to be a slow process. But I’m super excited!

What we’re eating.

My allergen friendly meal plan this week has to be super simple and mostly things I can prepare in advance. I am still trying to stretch our meat budget a bit. Though it is a challenge when there are no meatless protein sources my little one and I can eat!

What is on your menu this week?

Allergen Friendly Meal Plan | Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

B – yogurt parfaits | broth, squash, chicken
L – cp beef roast, potatoes, carrots
D – layered bean dip, guacamole, chips, roasted cauliflower and brussels sprouts, applesauce
*make refried beans, roast/freeze squash, make tea, make yogurt

B – toast w/ sunbutter, grapes | liver, spinach, beans
D (prep ahead) – chicken, noodle and squash casserole, beans, jello
*make jello, roast/freeze squash, boil eggs

B – hard boiled egg, toast w/ grape jelly | broth, chicken, pumpkin, peas
D (ready any time) – cp chicken and pork chops, rice, peas
*make broth, skim cream, make ice cream

B – yogurt, granola bar | sardines, squash
D (prep ahead, easy clean up) – cp hobo dinners, jello
* make sd bread

B – cereal, fruit | liver, spinach, beans
D – hot taco rice bowls, guacamole, sauteed zucchini
*soak flour for pancakes, soak flour for cereal

B – yogurt, granola, fruit | broth, pumpkin, beef, peas
D – pumpkin pancakes, bacon, broccoli, pears
*make Golden Grahams® cereal

B – cereal, fruit | salted caramel custard, sd cereal
L – pizza
D – pan seared cod, layered vegetables, beans
*make apple crisp, make wheat bread

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