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Allergen Friendly Meal Plans Week of 6-21-15

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This week’s allergen friendly meal plans and updates include Father’s Day celebration, pantry stocking and doctor appointments.Allergen Friendly Meal Plans | Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

Happy Father’s Day! I am blessed to have great God-fearing men in my life (husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather, brothers, brothers-in-law). I appreciate each one of them. It’s good to be able to celebrate them all today.

Last week my husband returned from a week in Romania. It’s good to have life back to normal now.

I kept things quite simple while he was gone so I could keep up. But that means now I have twice as much to do this week!  I have to catch up on everything, restock cupboards and clean.Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

Unfortunately this week also turns out to be very busy with dentist, doctor, grocery shopping and sports.

We tried rice with my son last week.  He’s had a couple rough days behavior-wise. So I think we’ll keep that out for now. Maybe in a week or two we’ll try avocado. We’re actually getting to the end of his allergy list. There are only a few things left that he has to avoid.

My little one has had quite a few rough days in a row now. I’m hoping she gets back on track this week. She and I could both use better sleep.Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

Yesterday my husband and the big kids went strawberry picking.  We’ve already frozen half of them, and I made eleven half pints of pectin-free easy strawberry freezer jam.  We still have to freeze a few more.

So far on my kitchen to-do list I’ve got:

Last week I shared recipes for apple pie breakfast parfait and gluten free inside out Oreos®. I’ve got some fun recipes coming this week!

My allergen friendly meal plans for this week include simple meals, rotated foods and hopefully stuff everyone can eat. That is always the goal. What is on your menu?

Homemade Dutch Apple Pie Menu

B – muffins and breakfast cookies, yogurt
L – grilled burgers, asparagus, french fries, peaches
D – tuna salad sandwiches, sweet potato fries, lettuce salad
*soak flour for graham crackers, make veggie purees, freeze strawberries, make Miracle Whip®

B – yogurt, granola bars
D (prep ahead) – macaroni and cheese, roasted cabbage, pears
*make graham crackers, boil eggs

B – hard boiled egg, toast
D – cp roast chicken, baked potatoes, glazed carrots
*make broth, soak flour for muffins, soak oats

B – oatmeal
D – split pea soup w/ ham, muffins
*bake muffins

B – cereal, fruit
D (early) – taco salad, fruit salad
*make golden grahams? make french dressing

B – yogurt, granola, fruit
D – ham and cheddar quiche, broccoli, sd breakfast cake
*feed sd starter, soak flour for crackers, bake breakfast cake

B – smoothies, granola bars
D – chicken pot pie, hot dogs, lettuce salad, strawberry jello, french fries
*bake crackers, feed sd starter, make sd bread, make fruit snacks

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