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Allergen Friendly Meal Plan Week of 9/13/15

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This week’s allergen friendly meal plan and update is all about staying well fed when things are busy and keeping up with preservation.

Allergen Friendly Meal Plan | Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

September is in full swing! Are you enjoying it or are you already missing the slow pace of summer?

We’re slowly but surely adjusting. We’ll see how this week goes. It’s even busier than last week!

We’ve got the start of preschool, piano lessons, Kinderumisk, dance, orthodontist, grocery shopping, mom’s group and an open house for a friend.

Health news.

Last week we experimented with chicken and egg free for my oldest. She did have a pretty good week and we continue to see signs of improvement in her health. It is still TBD if the changes are related to diet or simply to better breathing. So this week we’ll add eggs back and see what happens.

My son has been doing quite well lately. We’ll see how this week goes as he starts school!

I figured out I need to take a break (again…had been off them for a few years!) from avocados. And my little one seems to be reacting to egg yolks. I’m not sure yet if that means I have to avoid them completely or not. I hope not!

She is also majorly teething right now, cutting her fourth molar. Hopefully that will stop bugging her soon.

What’s new in the kitchen.

I had initially expected to be super busy in the kitchen this week dealing with grapes and pears. But I decided not to get pears from the orchard yesterday. I’ll wait until this Saturday.

We got a bunch of grapes from my grandparents’ farm last week (picked two times). I thought I might be dealing with them over the next few days. But I had to work through them all yesterday (same day they were picked) because there were so many bugs! I didn’t want to keep those hanging around my house.

So yesterday I made grape juice out of all of them. Now the only thing left to do is make jelly! That’s the easy part.

Now I don’t have a ton on my to-do list. Which is probably good with such a busy week. Though knowing myself I’ll add to the list as the week goes on. Here is what I’m planning so far.

Allergen Friendly Meal Plan | Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

What’s coming up.

Maybe with a little less work in the kitchen I can catch up on some cleaning and some writing! I want to tell you all about my grape experimenting.

And I’m really hoping to find time to update the look and name of my blog soon!!! Plus create some fun freebies for you.

Last week I posted recipes for red lentil and sausage stew and orca bean and squash chili. Add them to your menu this week!

I’ve got more great posts coming this week. Check back tomorrow as I share some tips on cooking good food when you’re busy. I’ll also be sharing a fun recipe over at Kitchen Stewardship!

Here is our allergen friendly meal plan for the week. Simple and nutritious. That is always key. What’s on your menu this week?

Allergen Friendly Meal Plan | Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

B – toast w/ sunbutter and grape jelly, fruit | broth w/ sardines, squash, peas
L – grilled hot dogs, brats, zucchini and corn on the cob
D – tuna salad sandwiches, roasted cabbage, peaches
*make grape jelly, soak oats, make Miracle Whip®

B – oatmeal | liver, pumpkin custard
L – tuna salad, crackers, beets
D (prep ahead) – cp roast chicken, roasted potatoes, broccoli

B – cereal, fruit | broth w/ chicken, spinach
L – yogurt, granola, avocado
D (ready any time) – cp hobo dinners
*boil eggs, soak flour for crackers

B – hard boiled egg, toast w/ grape jelly | broth w/ chicken, peas
L – crackers, cheese, olives
D (prep ahead) – sloppy joes, chips, veggies w/ dip
*make crackers

B – yogurt, granola bar | cinnamon and molasses squash, molasses tonic
L – almond butter sandwich, carrots and peppers w/ dip
D – pork meatballs, rice, beans
*bake for MB, make sd bread

B – toast w/ sunbutter, fruit | salted caramel custard
L – sunbutter bar, beets, avocado
D – egg and sausage cups, peas, toast w/ grape jelly, pears

B – kids’ choice
L – grilled cheese, tomato soup
D – ?packed? sandwiches, jello cups, veggies w/ dip
*make jello
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  1. Lynn says:

    If last week was a good week for your daughter, have you considered going egg free for just a little bit longer? One week seems like a short test period. Maybe try a month and then add it back? just my .02!

    • I know my kids pretty well, Lynn. We’ve been experimenting for years. So a week can tell us quite a bit. Even one day can tell a lot. If I add them back and notice problems I’ll cut them back out for longer to see what happens. We’re just experimenting while trying not to restrict things longer than necessary. Else it can be such a LONG process.

      • Lynn says:

        I have no doubt that you know and love your children better than anyone else!! You are doing a fabulous job! I was just curious because it seems like you are often trying to cut out or introduce one food or another, and my 18 years experience with food allergies has involved much longer breaks. I will comment and question no further because I don’t want to offend, as it appears I have. Please forgive me.

        • Sorry if it came off negative, Lynn. My youngest hardly slept all night/ I only got to lay down for about 15 minutes and is sick and hardly napped all day. I’m amazed I’m writing coherent sentences today 😛 I always appreciate any thoughts, suggestions or concerns. I just meant I know their symptoms so well that it usually doesn’t take much for me to pinpoint reactions anymore. I remove things and wait until they are stable before experimenting. Sometimes that takes a while and sometimes it doesn’t. We are still doing chicken free for a bit. Just experimenting with eggs right now. So by the end of this week I’ll decide how to proceed. Sometimes we go for 6 months to a year before testing. It just depends.

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