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Meal Plans Week of 11-9-14

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Allergen-Friendly Weekly Menu || Homemade Dutch Apple PieGood morning. Are you ready to start a new week? I’m sure ready for a not quite so busy week! Though this week really doesn’t fit that bill.

There is still plenty going on. In addition to our usual activities we have chiro,my daughter’s first appointment with an OT and my husband’s orchestra concert. I also need to make a run to the health food store.

Aside from our busy schedule last week was challenging with the time change and all three kids having colds. It’s no fun to have a stuffy baby. I hope it’s over soon. I need to get back to full health as well. I’ve been pushing my body too hard. Yesterday I ended up with a migraine. Mama needs a little more rest 🙂Meal Plans || Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

I did a lot of preserving work in the kitchen over the weekend. But there is still more to go. I need to do a few more rounds of applesauce. Plus I still have some pumpkins and squash to roast and freeze. I also have some baking projects for this week like pumpkin pie, granola bars and gf bread. 

I’m super excited about tomorrow’s post. I have an in-depth post on allergies and healing. It even includes an update from my son’s one year allergy check up! Be sure to check back tomorrow for that.  Then I’ll get back to my simple soup series. I’ve got lots of other great recipes coming as well.

Last week I started my simple soup series with squash soup and chicken noodle soup. So delicious.

 Here is what’s on our menu this week. Another week of prep ahead meals and nourishing foods. What’s on your menu?

MENU Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

L – hamburgers, chips, beans
D – chicken nuggets, french fries, peas, carrot sticks
*make yogurt, make mayo

D – pumpkin pasta, squash, applesauce
*roast squash, make fruit snacks

D (prep ahead) – cp beef roast, potatoes, carrots
*make broth, skim cream, make sour cream

D (prep ahead) – apple chicken chili, crackers w/ cheese
*strain broth, make pumpkin pie

D (prep ahead) – cp sweet and sour stir fry soup
*make granola bars

D – pancakes, bacon, roasted cauliflower and brussels sprouts
*make gf bread

D (quick prep) – salmon cakes, french fries, broccoli
*make/can applesauce, roast pumpkin

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