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Allergen Friendly Meal Plans Week of 5-3-15

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Allergen Friendly Meal Plans | Homemade Dutch Apple PieWelcome to May! Are you enjoying beautiful spring weather like we are? Well, it’s actually more like summer weather. My kids wanted to run through the sprinkler yesterday…and it was snowing two weeks ago.

This week is another birthday week!  I can’t believe my son will be four years old. I’ll be working on cake stuff all week. My farmer-in-training wants a cow spotted cake. I’ve already got the decorations done. I also got the flour soaking this morning for the cake. I still have to bake the cake, make powdered sugar, make frosting, frost the cake and decorate it.

I also need to make a batch of ice cream this week. I would love to make cookies and cream, but I don’t think I have time to bake cookies…though my son has been begging for “Oreos.”  I might just have to do vanilla or chocolate chip. He said he wouldn’t mind mint either.

On that topic – my son got to eat dairy ice cream last week!  What excitement. We are still moving along with the raw milk/cream trial. It seems to be going well. I sure am enjoying not having to make him dairy free food! Hopefully it won’t be long before I am the only one that needs separate foods.Johanna 2

And on that topic – my diet/my little one’s diet just got more restricted. We are finally realizing that one of the biggest issues for her is reflux or possibly GERD. And it is caused by all palm products…even coconut oil.  Last week I mistakenly ate dates (I had no idea they grew on palm trees!!) and we had some screaming sessions again. I’m finally taking the last step and eliminating coconut oil to see how it goes. This will not be easy by any means as that was my main source of fat and energy (I typically eat 4-6 Tbsp. of coconut oil a day…that’s about 720 calories and 84g of fat…I have to make up for it now). It is also what I use for all of my cooking and baking.

Now it’s time to restock the house with lard and tallow and get creative again. It will sure make recipe creating/baking challenging if I can’t taste anything I make anymore.

My little one cut THREE teeth last week.  We are all happy about that. Yes, there are still more coming. But hopefully we get a little break from the intense teething.

This will be a week of experimenting with new diet.  Hopefully last night’s ease of nursing is an indication that things are already improving. My poor baby has been in pain for months…and I didn’t even realize it. She is so good natured she hardly ever fusses about anything. Hopefully nursing will really improve with these changes.

We had another incident of red spots all over her cheek yesterday too. So I think it’s time to finally get her tested for allergies so we know if there are any severe ones.

On my kitchen agenda for the week so far: birthday cake, powdered sugar, ice cream, frosting, pizza crackers and sourdough bread. I might make more fruit snacks. If time allows I’ll do some baking for myself so I have something to eat! I’m considering making a pie for Mother’s Day…that I can eat.

Last week I posted some staple recipes for tortillas and bagels.  They are both great things to keep on hand. Check back tomorrow for another great all purpose recipe. Then Tuesday I’ve got a really exciting recipe that will be posted on Super Healthy Kids.

I finally made it the meat market yesterday, so meal planning was much more fun this week. I’m also glad that I can finally make more broth! Our freezer stash is running very low. Here is what’s on the menu. What are you eating this week?Homemade Dutch Apple Pie Menu

B – cereal, banana
L – grilled brats, peas, french fries
D – chicken meatballs, rice, roasted cauliflower
*soak flour for cake, make powdered sugar for frosting, make sd bread

B – yogurt, granola, fruit
D – cp roast chicken, baked potatoes, carrots
*bake cake, make broth

B – donuts, yogurt
D (prep ahead) – bacon chicken salad sandwiches on sd bread, carrots and cucumbers with dip, fruit salad
*skim cream, strain/freeze broth

B – yogurt, granola with milk
D (prep ahead) – creamy broccoli soup with chicken and bacon, sd garlic toast
*make ice cream, make “Oreos”

B – muffins, fruit
D – sloppy joes, chips, beans
*make fruit snacks, make pizza crackers

B – yogurt, granola, fruit
D – pan seared salmon, seasoned rice, broccoli
*soak flour for muffins, soak flour for pancakes, soak pie crust?

B (birthday breakfast) – blueberry muffins, fruit, yogurt
D (birthday dinner) – blueberry pancakes, sausage, asparagus
*make frosting, frost cake, decorate cake

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