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Allergen Friendly Meal Plans Week of 4-26-19

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Allergen Friendly Meal Plans | Homemade Dutch Apple PieApril is coming to a close this week. Hopefully that means May flowers (tulips!) and lots of sun!  I’m ready for ice cream weather…even if I can’t actually eat ice cream right now.

We’re back to our usual busy routine this week, including an orthodontic appointment, grocery shopping and my mom’s group meeting.

Since my son’s birthday is less than two weeks away it’s time to get started planning/preparing cake stuff. I’ll be making cake decorations this week.

Growing like a weed...hopefully drinking a lot more milk!
Growing like a weed…hopefully drinking a lot more milk!

Also on the kitchen agenda (so far) – quinoa bars, cereal, sourdough bread, muffins, noodles (recipe coming soon!), pizza dough, fruit snacks and possibly granola bars.

I spent the last week catching up on some of my writing. That means now it’s time to brainstorm new recipes. Hit me with your ideas/requests!!

We let my son try milk last week. It’s still TBD if he’s tolerating it or not. There are no major reactions so far. But we are watching for subtle things too. I really hope he can continue with the raw milk. What a blessing that would be. He is definitely growing and eating more these days, which is wonderful too.

The teething monster that chews on everything.
The teething monster that chews on everything.

We’ve had another rough week of sleeping and nursing for my little one. This time it’s because of teething.  She is trying to cut about six teeth right now and is in pain. Hopefully they will come through soon. But if she is anything like her big sister we have a long road ahead of us.

Last week I shared a recipe for sourdough bagels with strawberry cream cheese. This week I’ve got some new gluten free recipes for you that you won’t want to miss!

Here is the week’s menu. I’m trying my best to stretch our meat since we go through it so quickly…and it’s so expensive! So I’m only cooking three cuts of meat this week. For the other four dinners I’ll be repurposing leftovers.  What are you eating this week?

Homemade Dutch Apple Pie Menu

B – banana bread, yogurt parfaits
L – cp roast beef, roasted potatoes, beans
D – taco dip, refried beans, chips, peaches
*grind flour, soak quinoa for quinoa bars, soak oats

B – oatmeal
D – beef and vegetable stir fry over rice
*make quinoa bars, boil eggs

B – hard boiled egg, toast
D (prep ahead) – cp roast chicken, cp pork chops, baked potatoes, carrots
*make noodles, soak flour for muffins, feed sd starter

B – quinoa bars, yogurt
D (prep ahead) – chicken noodle soup, meatball soup, muffins
*bake muffins, soak flour for cereal, make sd bread

B – cereal, fruit
D – cp ham, baked sweet potatoes, beans
*make cereal, prep oat cups

B – oat cups
D – ham and cheese omelettes, toast, broccoli
*feed sd starter, make fruit snacks

B – kids’ choice
D – sourdough pizza with ham and olives, roasted vegetables
*make pizza dough, make cake decorations

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