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Allergen Friendly Meal Plan Week of 7-26-15

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This week’s allergen friendly meal plan and activities will focus on fresh produce and enjoying summer. It’s finally time to relax…and clean!

Allergen Friendly Meal Plan | Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

I kind of feel like summer is just starting this week. Vacation is over. Camps are over. Procedures are over. I think we just might get to fully relax!

We actually don’t even have a single thing scheduled. Maybe I could take the kids to the park for the first time this summer!

My baby girl finally had a whole week that was good!  A few episodes of a gassy tummy. But no allergy run-ins. It’s a miracle. She even nursed every hour yesterday, playing catch up.

I’m hoping we can keep things calm so I can try introducing a probiotic soon. We both really need it.

Going a new direction.

Through this whole process of figuring out my baby’s allergies I’m learning a lot about my own body as well. I won’t go into details here, but I think I am adding gluten back to my diet (properly prepared…not junk food). I have already been eating traditional sourdough for a while. But now I will do some soaked wheat as well.

I really need to be able to rotate my starches. And there aren’t very many I can have. My four day rotation (once I get to the store to get more flour!!) will be: rye/spelt (sourdough), wheat (soaked), rice/teff/sorghum (soaked), corn.

I am planning to let my kids try some soaked wheat as well and see how it goes. If they show any reactions I will keep them gluten free. If not then I will let them have it rotationally as well.

I also learned that I really need to stick to my slow oxidizer diet – no raw veggies. It’s tough since I LOVE salads. But I really feel so much better when I avoid them. I feel good with lots of well cooked vegetables in broth. I’m also making sure I get liver a few times a week.

Good news!

Through elimination/avoiding and working on healing I can now eat eggs, corn and avocado! Three things I used to have a really hard time with and avoided for a long time. They don’t bother my little one either. That is very exciting!!

I also got my thyroid levels checked yesterday. In spite of everything my body has been through lately my levels are stable.

Finally, I’m making it a priority to give my big kids probiotics, vitamins and cod liver oil daily. We all need a vitamin and mineral boost!

Allergen Friendly Meal Plan | Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

It’s blueberry time!

Yesterday we stocked up on over thirty pounds of blueberries. This is my favorite time of year…because blueberries are my absolute favorite fruit.

Of course that means there will be blueberry goodness in my kitchen. My baby’s first birthday is also very quickly approaching (ahhhh!!). So I need to start experimenting with cake that she could eat. Here are my potential projects:

I do want to catch up on some thorough cleaning around the house as well. Gotta keep the dust away!

Last week I posted some delicious cherry recipes – sourdough cherry granola, teff and sorghum cherry bars and blender to oven maple cherry baked oatmeal. Grab the last few cherries and give one of these a try!

Let’s get cooking!

I am really trying to cut food costs a bit these days. I need to stretch our meat more since that is one of the most expensive things we buy. The simple solution is casseroles and soups…but that is almost impossible with all of our different allergies. There is so little that the whole family can eat. So I’m doing my best to get creative.

I’ve got lots of tasty food on the menu this week. I’m also changing the format a bit so you can see what I eat too. My meals (if they are different than the rest of the family’s) are second/in italics. This will also help me stick to my rotational eating.

Here is our allergen friendly meal plan. Lots of fresh produce. Lots of blueberries. Lots of summer flavors. What are you eating this week?

One final thing.

I can’t forget to mention one more thing…Happy 12th Anniversary to the love of my life! I can’t wait to see what God has planned for this coming year.

Allergen Friendly Meal Plan | Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

B – zucchini muffins, yogurt, | broth w/ steak, squash, mustard greens; zucchini muffin
L – at a baseball game (boys) | tuna salad, peas, zucchini muffins (girls)
D – pepperoni, ham and olive pizza, salad | pea and tuna risotto
*freeze blueberries, make sd pizza crust, render lard

B – granola bars, yogurt | salted caramel custard w/ blueberries, broth w/peas
D – tacos, peaches, broccoli
*make salsa, make soaked pie crust, skim cream, make vanilla ice cream, make sd bread

B – sourdough toast w/ sun butter, fruit | sourdough bread w/ avocado, ground beef
D – roast chicken, potatoes, carrots | roast chicken, avocado, kale, sourdough bread
*make broth, boil eggs, make blueberry pie, make rice yogurt?

B – hard boiled egg, toast, fruit | broth w/ chicken, spinach and pumpkin
D – pork chops, rice, beans
*soak oats, soak teff

B – cinnamon raisin oatmeal, crispy almonds | teff porridge w/ blueberries and gelatin, broth with mustard greens
D – zucchini chicken pie w/ soaked crust, blueberry applesauce
*make cheese

B – yogurt, granola, fruit | broth w/ chicken, squash and kale
D – sd pancakes w/ blueberry topping, scrambled eggs, roasted cauliflower
*make crunchy crumble, feed sd

B – pancakes, fruit, crispy almonds | salted caramel custard w/ blueberries and crunchy crumble
D – pan seared salmon, seasoned rice, peas
*make practice cupcakes


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